6 thoughts on “# 856

  1. Summer

    I really like your work. The ones with the very loose openness that have an area of darker focus particularly appeal to me. I also enjoyed seeing the variations you have up.

    How do you work? Pen and Ink and watercolor? Do you manipulate digitally too?

  2. Henrik Post author

    Thank you very much. I started out by doing some loose sketching with pen und ink first and watercolor after that (in March 2009). Meanwhile I only sketch out a bit with a pencil and paint with watercolor then. I don’t do any digital manipulation, except some color corrections since my scanner is not really neutral in colors …

  3. Summer

    Thanks for sharing that. I’m just realizing that watercolor doesn’t go over the pencil shading very well! I love watercolor. I’m really trying to learn how to control it. I’m book-marking your site so I can keep watching your work.

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